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What Families Can Do

You may already have heard some bright solutions to the school-shooting crisis. Arming teachers. Installing metal detectors. Fully 78 percent of American schools have a formal violence-prevention or reduction program. The goals are to help kids solve conflicts peaceably and create a culture where weapons and violence are shunned, not considered cool.

Forensic psychologist Shawn Johnston says the killings reflect a "deterioration of moral teaching" and of the social structure that traditionally imparted that teaching. "In my practice, there's an extraordinary number of boys who did not live with both parents. The biological father's not involved, yet raising responsible men may be the single most important thing our society can do for itself... Society as a whole has lost sight of the role of work and sacrifice that history and common sense tell us are imperative in cultivating a sense of moral standards and interpersonal empathy, especially in boys."

Re-valu-ing Our Families

"Our burgeoning social problems result directly from the deteriorization of families. The vacuum created by disappering families sucks in everything from gangs to excess government. Our public and privat sectors (from local government and public education to big business and electronic media) which should be supporting, supplementing, and protecting families, instead seem to be trying either to substitute for them or to undermine them. Our newest, largest institutions from giant corporations to information and entertainment systems are creating misplaced loyalties and false paradigms that are destroying the oldest, smallest institution of family. And parents, hot in pursuit of professional and financial success, can find neither the time nor the inclination to put family first."

"Social problems today threaten our future as much as economic problems threaten the former Soviet Union...We face a sickness benignly and academically called "social problems" malignant that fathers rape daughters, so violent that children kill children, so epidemic that no one escapes."

"The shiny surface of America is pock marked by poverty, riddled by racism, gouged by gangs and guns. The greatest, richest land paradoxically contains the most dangerous and terrifying places onthe planet, places where life is cheaper, joy scarcer than in any third or fourth world."

"And more subtle but just as sure, the sickness spreads through suburb and supposed stability, incredibly expensive, seemingly incurable, unfixable by courts or welfare...enlrged, expanding, spreading. Preventable and curable only at the smallest stage in the smallest organization: family."

"By re-valu-ing the family, we mean three things:

  • Once again recognizing the transcending societal value of families
  • Personal reprioritizing of our families
  • Putting values back into our families
To more fully understand why "it is harder than ever before to be a good parent and to raise value based children," follow the links below. As we come to better understand the forces that are working against our families and at the peril of our children, we put ourselves in a better position to battle the problems and to find the saving solutions.
["Turning the Hearts: Re-valu-ing Our Families" by Richard and Linda Eyre (, published in Meridian Magazine (]