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Water Purification
In addition to having a bad odor or taste, contaminated water can contain microorganisms that cause diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. You should therefore purify all water of uncertain purity before using it for drinking, food preparation or hygiene. There are many ways to purify water. None are perfect. Often the best solution is a combination of methods. Before purifying, let any suspended particles settle to the bottom, or strain them through layers of paper towel or clean cloth. Three easy purification methods are described in the first three links below. These measures will kill microbes. Two more rigorous purification methods are described in the last two links below. These two methods will remove other contaminants such as heavy metals, salts, most other chemicals and radioactive fallout.
Adapted from the FEMA library: "Emergency Food and Water Supplies"
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Boiling Method of Emergency Water Purification
Chlorination Method of Emergency Water Purification
Using Purification Tablets to Purify Emergency Water Stores
Distillation Method of Emegency Water Purification
Using a Fallout Filter to Purify Water