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Gig Harbor, WA - USA

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PEP-C sells used, food grade poly barrels for emergency water storage to local residents in the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula areas of Washington state. These have a multitude of uses besides emergency water supply storage. Use them as rain barrels, store a variety of dry goods in them, or as your family's 72 hour emergency kit container. We recommend you stash your emergency water barrels unobtrusively outside your house so that you can access them easily following a major disaster such as an earthquake.

We regret that we cannot deliver or ship to out of area residents. The high cost of shipping our barrels across the country is prohibitive. For availability of food grade poly barrels in your area, refer to "barrels and drums" in the yellow pages of your phone book or on the internet.

Current barrel stock consists of:
  • 55-gallon white bung-top barrels - $35.00
  • 220 Liter (58 Gal.) terra-cotta colored barrels with open top lid and screw ring - $40.00

Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula Residents: Water barrel delivery is currently available in our service area of Pierce county west of the Narrows Bridge. Buyers in nearby areas outside our service area: please call and arrange for a meeting place to pick up water barrels.

For questions, or more information, please contact:
Don Lee (253-851-3567)
Dave Watson (253-857-7048)

Or send us an email:

Click here for FAQs about using PEP-C Water Barrels