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Family Sheltering and Special Needs
The Family Sheltering and Special Needs Coordinator has the responsibility of erecting a shelter for the family should it be necessary to evacuate your house and caring for family members with special needs. Those with special needs may be infants or small children, the elderly or handicapped family members.

Before A Disaster...
  • Identify a safe location for erecting an emergency shelter outside your home. Assemble and store the necessary provisions for sheltering your family, including sanitation supplies.
  • Prepare an Emergency Information sheet for your family that includes work, school and day care phone numbers as well as other pertinent emergency information. Keep this in your Family Disaster Plan notebook.
  • Become acquainted with the psychological needs of children and the elderly. Take the Psychological First Aid Course offered by the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.
  • Prepare emergency care kits for elderly and handicapped family members. Prepare emergency care kits for infants and small children that includes books, games or toys that will entertain them while other family members execute their disaster response responsibilities.
  • Consider the needs of family pets - get information on pets and disasters from the American Veterinary Medical Association. AVMA - Pets and Disaster

After A Disaster...

  • Take care of any immediate physical or emotional needs of family members.
  • If the Damage Assessment Coordinator and Family Preparedness Coordinator determines it is unsafe to stay in your house, set up an emergency shelter as quickly as possible in a safe location and see to the comfort of family members with special needs.
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