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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition
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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, 13 September 2010

Board of Directors:
Gretchen Wilbert, Former Mayor of Gig Harbor (June 2010)
Tonya Lee (June 2010)
Alana Byrum (June 2010)
Hugh McMillan (June 2010)

General Chair: Dave Watson (June 2009)
Vice-Chair: Marv Nauman (June 2009)
Secretary: Jeanne Roberts (June 2009)
Treasurer: Don Lee (June 2009)

Presiding / Conducting: Dave Watson, General Chair


Board of Directors: Tonya Lee, Gretchen Wilbert

Committee Members: Don Lee, Dave Watson, Hal and Jeanne Roberts, Davina Nolton, Sue Watson, Marv Nauman, Greg Bauer.

Called to order: 1:00 p.m.


Minutes of the June 2010 meeting approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s report approved as distributed. 

Sales of barrels totaled $25. The balance in our treasury is $2013.64

Committees/Upcoming Events 

1. Water Barrel Report by Don Lee: We now offer three styles of barrels: water, rain water and dry storage.

2. Report on the Preparedness Fair (September 11) by Dave Watson: There were fifty exhibitors. 70 lunches were distributed. Kudos to the LDS Church for their work.

3. Webmaster Report by Sue Gillmore: It has come to my attention that MicroSoft no longer supports its FrontPage web design format on the worldwide web. I was using FrontPage to create a new website for PEP-C and a new “look” to replace the “dynamic website” currently hosted by BigPlanet. I have looked at MicroSoft’s new web design program and have found it to be confusing to learn and use. But I think I may have found a website design protocol that combines web design and optimization features and creates a website that can be interactive like a blog. I’ll have more time at my disposal in late October and November to take a closer look and play around with it.

A motion was made by the committee to approve up to $500.00 for the purchase of web creation software. Motion was seconded and approved. It was also noted that we have the format for PC-Net.

4. KGHP Report: KGHP is disappearing. Hugh McMillan wants to help with negotiations if that is an option.

5. Discussion concerning attrition led by Dave Watson: Marv Nauman noted he is familiar with a neighborhood that needs PEP-C. Don Lee , Greg Bauer and Hugh McMillan will work on organizing neighborhoods and report back to the committee at the next meeting. Hugh said he would promote PEP-C to Gateway for a series of programs. He feels he could get material to Kitsap News as well. Don Lee suggested distributing a flier pitching membership to use as a recruiting tool as well as a printed invitation that can be included with each barrel sale.

ADJOURNED: 2:00 p.m.