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Family Safety and Security Coordinator
The Family Safety and Security Coordinator is responsble for shutting off the gas meter, electricity and water lines if any of these utilities have sustained damage or threaten the safety and security of your family. The Safety and Security Coordinator is also responsible for roping off any hazardous areas and coordinating an evacuation if necessary.

Before A Disaster...

  • Prepare a site plan of your home and property and note the location of the gas meter, water shut-off valves (at the meter as well as outside your home), and the circuit breaker or fuse box.
  • Identify all sources of water available for fire fighting.
  • Acquire any special tools necessary for shutting off any of these utilities. Know the procedures for turning them off as well as for when NOT to turn them off.
  • Learn the procedures for turning the utilities on again when it is safe to do so, or who you should call to have service reinstated.
After A Disaster...

  • Remember your safety comes first. Be alert. Watch for hazards.
  • Prioritize the hazards you find. Consider the following suggestion:
    • shut off the gas meter IF necessary
    • If you suspect a neighborhood gas leak, shut off all electricity in your home. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.
    • Rope off all downed power lines
    • Shut off the water line at the house valve. This is essential to protect the water supplies in the water heater and toilet tanks.
    • Rope off other hazards such as broken glass, large cracks in the street, driveway or lawn, leaning chimneys, etc.
    • Remove anything that may be blocking the street or your driveway that would prevent emergency vehicles from passing through.
Never try to remove any electrical lines!
  • Supervise the evacuation of your family if instructed to do so by authorities or if it is unsafe to remain in your house.
  • Be aware of the possibility of aftershocks following a major earthquake. Help family members move quickly to safe areas.
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