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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition
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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, 7 June 2010

Board of Directors:
Gretchen Wilbert, Former Mayor of Gig Harbor (June 2010)
Tonya Lee (June 2010)
Alana Byrum (June 2010)
Hugh McMillan (June 2010)

General Chair: Dave Watson (June 2009)
Vice-Chair: Marv Nauman (June 2009)
Secretary: Jeanne Roberts (June 2009)
Treasurer: Don Lee (June 2009)

Presiding / Conducting: Dave Watson, General Chair


Board of Directors: Tonya Lee

Committee Members: Don Lee, Dave Watson, Hal and Jeanne Roberts, Marvin Nauman, Sue Watson.

Called to order: 1:00 p.m.


Minutes of the December 2009 meeting approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s report approved as distributed. 

Sales of barrels totaled $1975. The balance in our treasury is $3359.49

Committees/Upcoming Events 

1. St. Anthony’s Hospital plans a Disaster Drill June 24 from 0800 to 1200. Volunteers are needed.  Grey’s Anatomy people plan to film it.

2. Marvin Nauman, Don & Tonya Lee and Dave Watson attended the Health Fair; reported it was better than last year and well attended.

3. Dave reported on the Peninsula School Board donations.  Copies of the letters are included with minutes of the December 2009 meeting.

4. A Preparedness Fair is being planned for September 11, 2010, hosted by Chapel Hill Church. Many groups will be involved as well as many local businesses. There will be informational booths and classes for implementation.  Kids activities are planned.

MOTION was made and passed that Pep-C donate $500.00. Service clubs and fraternal organizations will want to help but first their members need to be personally prepared and motivated.

ADJOURNED: 2:00 p.m.