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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition
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Individual & Family Preparedness
This folder contains the following documents that you can download. Print the sheets you need and add them to your Family Disaster Plan notebook for handy reference:

1. Our Family Disaster Plan cover sheet
2. Floor Plan
3. First Aid and CPR Review Sheet
4. Know What to Do During and After an Earthquake
5. Reunion Points
6. Family Contact
7. Babysitter's Emergency Instructions
8. Emergency Numbers & Information Page
9. Important Family Records page
10. Emergency Medical Information form
11. Medical Release form for Minor Child
12. Emergency Pet Care Information form

The forms are listed below. Click to download:

Reunion Pts.PDF
Pet Care.PDF
PEPC cover.PDF
Medical Release.PDF
Floor Plan.PDF
Family Records.PDF
Family Contact.PDF
Emerg Numbers.PDF
Emerg Med Info.PDF
Babysitter Info.PDF