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Creating a Family Preparedness Council
We believe that one of the best ways to prepare at home is to make preparedness a group, or family, activity. If you have not already done so, organize your family into a council.
  • A working family council creates synergism. In other words, the united action of different individuals or family members produces a greater effect than the sum of their various individual actions.
  • Further, a council serves as a vehicle for teaching as well as leadership development.
  • As members participate in a council, they learn about larger organizational issues, see leadership in action, learn how to plan, analyze problems, make decisions and coordinate across subunit boundaries.
  • Councils foster understanding. And with understanding, relationships are strengthened and families can be revitalized and unified.

Experience shows that families who are organized, with critical responsibilities and tasks pre-assigned, can learn to be self sufficient. Prepared families know what to do. Right now. They do not waste precious time figuring out who can do what. They use this time to save a life, reduce the severity of an injury, and lessen property damage. To empower your family to take care of its own needs following a major disaster, delegate the following critical responsibilities and tasks amoung family council members.

  • Coordinator Peninsulas Emergency Preparedness Committee - Family Preparedness Coordinator
  • Communications Peninsula's Emergency Preparedness Committee - Family Communications Monitor
  • Damage Peninsula's Emergency Preparedness Committee - Damage Assessment
  • First Aid Peninsula's Emergency Preparedness Committee - Family First Aid Coordinator
  • Safety Peninsula's Emergency Preparedness Committee - Family Safety and Security
  • Rescue Peninsula's Emergency Preparedness Committee - Family Search and Rescue
  • Shelter Peninsula's Emergency Preparedness Committee - Family Sheltering and Special Needs