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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition
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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting Minutes
Thursday, 8 December 2011

Board of Directors:
Gretchen Wilbert, Former Mayor of Gig Harbor (June 2010)
Tonya Lee (June 2010)
Alana Byrum (June 2010)
Hugh McMillan (June 2010)

General Chair: Dave Watson (June 2009)
Vice-Chair: Marv Nauman (June 2009)
Secretary: Jeanne Roberts (June 2009)
Treasurer: Don Lee (June 2009)

Presiding / Conducting: Dave Watson, General Chair


American Red Cross - *Angela Lindsay, Dennis Green, Lori Leckie
Around the Sound Transportation – Steve Hutchins
Catholic Health – Kevin Maguire
Century Link - *Doug Culbert, *Jan Kimbell
Chapel Hill Church - *Don Lee,(PEP-C Treasurer) *Tony Lee (PEP-C Board Member), Dan Griswold, Todd Prather
Citizen Corp of Pierce County - William (Bill) Hart
City of Gig Harbor -*Dick Bower, Rob Karlinsky, Thomas Erber
City of Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce -Jack Conway
City of Gig Harbor Police - Mike Davis, Bill Colberg
City of Puyallup DEM – Merle Frank
City of Tacoma –Ute Weber
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - *Ken Roberts (PEP-C Board Member; Chaplain), *Wayne Washer
Crista Ministries – Shane Carlson
Emergency Preparedness - * Mary Blythe, Buck Blythe
Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One – John Burgess, Mike Miller, Eric Watson, Chuck Elliot
Gig Harbor Life - Charlee Glock-Jackson
Gig Harbor United Methodist Church -* Deannie Adams, Jim Corliss
Harbor Place at Cottesmore – Bill McIntyre, Jeron Walker, Greg Short
Harrison Medical Center – Laura Jull
Key Peninsula Fire & Medic One Dist 16 – Chuck West, Tom Lique, Guy Allen Key
Key Peninsula Lutheran Church –David Jorgenson, Heinz Malon
KGHP / Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps - Dave Allen
Merrill Gardens –Marykay Duran
Metagenics – Kevin Strawn
Multicare GH -Jill Schaeffer, Dorothy Corakos, Andrea Mason, Shawn McCallister
Multicare Mary Bridge Children’s Hosp.& HS – Cynde Rivers
Peninsula Amateur Radio Assn. Club – * Ken Baker (KC7CCY)
PEP-C - *Dave Watson (Head of the PEP-C board) *Sue Watson
PEP-C / Gateway - *Hugh McMillan
PEP-C/ High Sierra Prod / Eng Services – *Marvin Nauman
Peninsula Baptist Church – Wayne Lopez
Peninsula Light Company - *Jonathan White, * Christy Iverson, *Michael Simpson, *Amy Grace
Peninsula School District – Caroline Anholt, * Dan Gregory, Julie Richards, Chuck Cuzzetto
Pierce County DEM Health - Kathy McVay, Debbie Bailey
Pierce County DEM / ARES –Mark Yordy (Y7BBO)
Pierce County DEM -Barbara Nelson, Alex Richards, Debbie Bailey, Kelly Pybas, Sheri Badger
Pierce County DEM US&R-WA-TF1 – Mike McCaffree
Pierce County Public Works & Utilities –Gary Grindley, Kendal Willits
Pierce County Sherriff - Lt. Jerry Lawrence, SGT Brian Ward
Pierce County/Tacoma Health Dept – *Cindy Miron, Scott Foster
Prestige Care - W. Madden
Psychologist - Dr. Ellie Sternquist
Puget Sound Energy - Pamela Parish
Salvation Army –Mike Maroney
Survival –* Mark Featherstone
SERVPRO – Barbara Fredrickson
Sound Vista Village – Jerry Lee
St. Anthony /Franciscan Health Systems - *Davina Nolten (PEP-C board member), Eileen Newton
St. Anthony’s Head of Security - Craig Kennedy
St. Vincent de Paul/Community Volunteers – *Joan Hymas
St. Vincent de Paul/Community Volunteers *Ronni Wight (PEP-C board member)
The Lodge at * Landing - Sue Honan
The Mustard Seed Project – Edie Morgan
USGS - Joan Gomberg
Washington Correction Center for Women – Michael Green
Unknown Affiliation – Tony Craig, Nicole Long, B. Watling

Work session: Minutes from last meeting accepted. The Treasurer’s Report will be done at the quarterly general meeting in January 2012.

Ken Roberts made a proposal to change the name of the organization to Coalition instead of a Committee. He believes that it is more that a committee. The corporation papers call it a committee. The group since the beginning has been called a committee, regardless of the number of people. The board will discuss this issue.

John Burgess is working on a Resource List that will take a while to complete. This is a list of what is needed in a disaster, from heavy equipment to water and food. It is a dynamic list that will be updated regularly.

Volunteer Management: People that show up at the EOC wanting to help, What do we do with them?

Communication Report by Marv, the chair: This committee has had one meeting, they discussed where people can go for information, and what information they need. They are looking to do a mass campaign of some sort to get the information out to the communities. Part of the plan is the get us noticed, via possibly bumper stickers or some other method. Mary distributed a Preliminary List entitled “IN A DISASTER….WHO YOU GONNA CALL”. The list was reviewed and some suggestions were made. More information is needed for other resources to assist the community in a disaster. Creating community awareness is the main target, then information on where to go and more. A more extensive list can be put on the website, but people need something that they can put on their fridge for quick access. Ken, the president of the peninsula HAM Radio association was in attendance at the meeting and needs to be part of the communication team also. We need to make people aware before the power goes out, so that they are better prepared. Others that will add to the PEP-C visibility are the representatives for KGHP, Gig Harbor Life and the Gateway. Additional ways to get the information out is through the schools, email, etc.

The list of emergency contact information needs to go out to the communities soon, since we are headed into winter. The committee needs to edit the information and get it out to the media. Funding of $500 was approved for fliers and whatever is needed to get the word out.

Cloud computing was discussed / defined as an offsite place where your files, etc… are stored and backed up. Google has a cloud setup that is free to non-profits. It has the highest security in its infrastructure. There needs to be someone in the organization that understands it enough to keep it organized.

Smart phones and others were discussed in the case of a disaster.

OOTSUTE is a program that allows you to manage all of your social networks from one location. They feel that there is a lot of power in social media.

40404 go directly to twitter and that allows you to follow Penlight Co, or other organizations to receive information updates.

Educational training and where does this group go with this?

PEP-C Website: Where can we make it better? The website needs to be better organized for easier access, so that it guides you to the information that you need. The website does not need to be overly dynamic but on a quarterly basis a change is good, keeps people interested. The key information can be shuffled quarterly to continue to peak interest.

Sheltering: Is never ending – needs further growth.

Water Barrels sales: These are 55 gallon food grade barrels if you wish to purchase any contact Dave or Don Lee.

Volunteerism: Need a way to manage the walk-in volunteers. Ken Roberts and Ronni Wight will present a plan at the next meeting.

The need for fuel for generators on the Key Peninsula has been a problem when roads are closed / blocked. Need to promote the need to store additional fuel during the winter season.

Radios were discussed for use during an emergency. Other than HAM radios, what else can be used? Who has the funding?

Key Peninsula PEP-C meeting: The February meeting will be held on the Key Peninsula.

KGHP: The PEP-C Board needs to decide on future funding of the station.

Water: Supplies will be discussed at the next meeting