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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition
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Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday, 13 December 2010

Board of Directors:
Gretchen Wilbert, Former Mayor of Gig Harbor (June 2010)
Tonya Lee (June 2010)
Alana Byrum (June 2010)
Hugh McMillan (June 2010)

General Chair: Dave Watson (June 2009)
Vice-Chair: Marv Nauman (June 2009)
Secretary: Jeanne Roberts (June 2009)
Treasurer: Don Lee (June 2009)

Presiding / Conducting: Dave Watson, General Chair


Board of Directors: Tonya Lee

Committee Members: Don Lee, Sue Watson, Hal and Jeanne Roberts,  Dick Bauer, Marv Nauman,Debbie Bailey.

Called to order: 1:00 p.m.


Minutes of the September 2010 meeting approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s report approved as distributed. 

Sales of barrels totaled $125. The balance in our treasury is $2931.45

Committees/Upcoming Events 

1. Water Barrel Report by Don Lee: Don reported that barrel sales are down; A MOTION was made and passed to raise the barrel sales price to $35.00.  Our cost is $15.00 plus tax.

2. Marvin reported on the Neighborhood  Project, including survival Emergency kits. Two neighborhoods have signed up already. Plans are to work in the city and county for a January meeting as well as PC-Net.  A January meeting is planned on Spinaker Ridge.

3. Debbie is still  working in Mitigation office.  PC-net is planning  a functional exercise in the spring.  Rain measurements are being tallied.

4. Several suggestions were made for ways to increase our membership.  Don suggested a seminar regarding Pep-c.  Wants topics, i.e. home devices for home survival and welfare.  Also we might consider morphing Pep-C into another organization. 501C3 organizations are threatened.

5. Emergency Management could be aided by talks given by High School seniors. We need a compelling reason to be involved.

ADJOURNED: 2:00 p.m.