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Family Preparedness Coordinator
It is the privilege and responsibility of the Family Preparedness Coordinator to provide the Family Council with a clear and overpowering sense of vision. The Family Preparedness Coordinator's primary responsibilities include supervising the family's implementation of the Family Disaster Plan both before a disaster strikes as well as immediately following a disaster and assisting family council members in completing their disaster preparation activities.

Before A Disaster...
  • Supervise the creation of a Family Disaster Plan Notebook for the family.
  • Organize quarterly preparedness activities. These activities may include preparations suggested in the 12 Month Emergency Preparedness Program or such things as taking a first aid and CPR class together, running through evacuation procedures, conducting a functional drill, instructing family members on how and when to turn off the utilities, etc. Make these activities fun as well as productive.
After A Disaster...

Determine the whereabouts and physical well being as well as emotional condition of each family member. Make sure that their needs are met both physically and emotionally. Then supervise the disaster response activities of each member of the family council. See to it that the First Aid Coordinator secures first aid supplies and can safely attend to any injuries.
  • See to it that the Safety and Security Coordinator shuts off the utilities IF necessary and evaluates the necessity of evacuation.
  • If all family members are not accounted for, see to it that the Search and Rescue coordinator safely conducts a search.
  • See to it that the Sheltering and Special Needs Coordinator sets up a temporary shelter and tends to the needs of any elderly or handicapped family members.
  • See to it that the Damage Assessment Coordinator conducts a survey of the damage your home or property has incurred.
  • See to it that the Communications Coordinator establishes contact with your out-of-area family contact as well as 911 emergency personnel if anyone in your family has sustained serious or life-threatening injuries.
  • Make sure that family members get enough food, water and rest to sustain them physically and psychologically as well as emotionally during the disaster response and recovery phases of a disaster.
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