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Family Communications Monitor

The Family Communications Monitor is responsible for establishing contact with an out of area family contact person as well as contacting 911 emergency personnel if anyone in your family has sustained serious or life threatening injuries. The Family Communications Monitor is also responsible for monitoring local radio stations for news about the event.

Before A Disaster...
  • Acquire a battery-operated radio and plenty of extra batteries.
  • Keep a list of local emergency radio stations readily available.
Download our "Family Contact" form or create one of your own. Complete the form and store it in your family's Disaster Plan notebook. Click here to access our "Family Contact" form.

After A Disaster...
  • Monitor radio stations carrying information about the disaster. Share this information with family members.
  • If the First Aid Coordinator reports serious or life threatening injuries, call 911. (In a major disaster, this system likely will be overwhelmed. If so, you will need to contact a local amateur radio operator through your Neighborhood Communications Coordinator.)
  • Call your out of area family contact, report the condition of family members and gather information about the whereabouts and condition of family members who were away from home when the disaster struck.
  • Continue to monitor radio stations and maintain regular contact with other family members through the out of area contact person.
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